Joyful Tiding

Om Namoh Krishnaguru Devaya

Namoh Krishnaguru Devaya Rabideva Nandanaya Sa

Sadgurove Mahaprabhave Kalkiharaye Namoh Namah

At the very beginning we bow down to the celestial feet of Paramguru Krishnaguru. He has blessed the souls on earth by taking this impeccable and in- comparable, enduring human form. Listening to the glorious words of Mahaprabhu, we petty mortals can get the joy and peace of paradise.

Oh mankind, these glad tidings are for everyone on earth. Parambrahma Narayan has come to destroy the sinners, save the good souls and establish religion at this crucial juncture by taking incarnation of the Kalki avatar.

These glad tidings are for the benefit and well being of all.

Parampurush Narayana has taken birth in the auspicious month of “Jeth” (around May) in the year 1934. It was the day of “suklaastami” (eighth day of the new moon) when Paramprabhu set His holy feet on earth in a far flung village of Assam by the name Nasatra. Taking in- carnation as Krishnaguru through His mi- raculous and heavenly deeds He has shown the path to salvation to many and has helped us all; the sufferer, the down- trodden and the ignorant has all found the path to salvation by taking refuge in His Holy feet.

Oh mankind, this is the crucial junc- ture of Kali, temporally it is the last days of the age. Everywhere at the current time the potency of Kali can be felt. Due to the energies unleashed by Kali, in politics, in business, in family and in education one can experience unrest, violence and de- struction. No matter what scientific dis- coveries have been made, no one can give relief from this obnoxious surroundings and disturbed frame of mind. It is only God who can rescue us from the ills of Kali and help us get past the evil.

Paramguru Krishnaguru is the only person with supernatural power and wis- dom who can deliver us liberation by pro- viding the Eknam. By taking Eknam the devotees can realize that Paramguru Krishnaguru is the Almighty.