Almighty God takes incarnation time and again. Though He is not bound by any particular form, yet He comes into this mortal universe as an incarnate through the form of a human being. And by His transcendental manifestations, He brings about an awakening and consciousness. But only a very few people are able to experience and realize Him.rom a very early childhood, all those who are closely associated with Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu have discovered and come to realize that He is the Supreme Almighty in the guise of a Human being.This has been proved and witnessed over and over again , through miraculous divine events.

Devotees Sharing his Experiences of Krishnaguru Eknaam

Following are a few from the innumerable such incidents.

One fine afternoon   Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu was in the KrishnaDham having religious discourse with the devotees, and visitors to the Sewashram. While all were seated, a person came running towards the Krishna Dham. He went straight and fell onto the lotus feet of Paramaguru Krishnaguru Prabhu. And with folded hands he started to say –“The sick boy has disappeared from the Sewashram premises. His parents have not found him in spite of searching for the last two hours, and they are crying and going berserk with worry. I also searched for the boy a lot but in vain.”

Prabhu replied “Where will he be disappeared in this Baikunthapuri? The place where all along day and night Hari Kirtan goes on. How death can dare to enter here? Have you searched around the various water bodies? Look around  …”
He paid obeisance on the feet of Krishnaguru and went out searching once again with a group of students from Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya .They went into each of the water bodies and searched. Few dived into the water inside; few went about in boats, etc. After good couple of hours of search, they came to the conclusion that perhaps the boy has run away from the Sewashram.

All felt very disheartened at the futile search and returned once again and informed Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu that in spite of   vigorous searching the boy is now where to be found. All present were filled with worry and anxiety, people started talking and expressing their thoughts and possibilities.

Few devotees lay prostates on the lotus feet of Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu and started to pray – “O Creator and Destructor of the Universe, Supreme Power – Everything is possible for you! Please bring him back.” He paused for a while. Illuminated rays started emanating from His divine Body. He stood up. He looked towards the person who had informed Him about the missing boy and made a gesture – “Go towards the west of Suvarnakur, near the Kutkura tree. With deep devotion chant my name and dive into the water. Pick up the boy lying stuck amidst the thorns.”  Following Paramguru’s instructions, the devotee ran towards Suvarnakur. Paramguru then instructed the other devotees to keep chanting and concentrating with the Ek Naam.

Obeying the instructions of Paramguru, the devotee reached the Kutkura tree. With utmost devotion, chanting the Krishnaguru Ek Naam, he dived into the water. And surprisingly enough at the very spot amidst the thorns, he found the body of the boy. He dragged  and lifted out the lifeless  body  out from the water  – still and frozen after lying inside the water for more than five hours.

Resident Doctor of Sewashram Dr. Satyabrata Deka thoroughly examined the body. After examining the body, Dr. Deka concluded that no further treatment can be given to a dead body, and nothing can be done from his end .And now everything rests upon Supreme God Krishnaguru. The parents started to cry inconsolably next to the body of their son. Sewashram also got filled with the sounds of heartrending cries .All the devotees in unison fell onto Paramguru’s feet and fervently prayed Him to make once glance with mercy towards the boy.

As per His instructions the body was brought under the Shilikha tree and asked Romi Ai to fetch a glass of water. Romi Ai handed over a glass of water to Paramguru .Splashing water thrice on the body, Paramguru asked the boy to open his eyes .Immediately the dead boy opened his eyes and looked towards Paramguru. Paramguru kept His hand on the chest of the boy and moment itself the boy started to move his body. Paramguru asked the boy to get up, and the boy slowly sat up.
All the devotees present were spell bound seeing the miracle in front of their eyes. All started chanting and crying “Jai Krishnaguru.”Few of them started to roll on the ground full of Bhakti prem. The pale and swollen boy stood up and started walking. The parents having got back their dead son , dumbstruck  , held onto Paramguru’s lotus feet with tears streaming down their eyes . They were speechless and at a loss of words to express their gratitude to Paramguru , and it  also set both of them thinking that bringing their dead son alive is no miracle done by any  human being  – it rests only with the Supreme Almighty , Parameshwar.Full realization dawned on them that Paramguru is no doubt the one and only Supreme God .

Paramguru smiling mysteriously, then told the parents – “ Be sure that everything  depends on the will and mercy of  the Almighty .Now take your son home , give him medical treatment to treat his wounds and bruises . Invite twelve devotees and perform continuous ‘Naam Jaap ’ for twelve hours, and  serve them with devotion. With ‘Ek Naam Kirtan’ sufferings will vanish and your son will be fully cured of all ailments.”

Pranjal freshly revived from dead, took steps to reach towards Paramguru, and lay prostrate paying obeisance .Overwhelmed with joy, all the devotees started singing Krishnaguru  Ek Naam  with a lot of excitement and  vigour.

Pranjal Chetia of Dibrugarh had drowned in water after suffering from an abnormal mental condition. He had remained immersed in water for 5 hours and Dr Satyabrata Deka had declared him dead. Giving in to his devotees’ ardent requests, Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu brought Saikia back to life.

Mahim Bora, retired BDO and a resident of Guwahati, was suffering from a problem in his prostrate gland. He underwent different medical treatments but could not get any relief. At last, unable to bear the suffering any longer, he took refuge at Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu’s  feet. He started chanting and meditating on Krishnaguru Ek Naam  and prayed to him to cure him. Krishnaguru, who is kindness incarnate, answered his devotee’s prayers and blessed him saying he would be cured soon. And lo and behold! Bora went for medical tests and found that the problem in his prostrate gland had disappeared. The condition which could not be cured even by an operation, was cured by the miraculous grace of Krishnaguru. The Doctors attending on him were also dumstruck as to where the gland had disappeared .

Both the kidneys of Purnananda Hazarika of Nitaipukhuri Dihingia Gaon in Sibsagar district  had failed. He was admitted to the Department of Nephrology at Guwahati Medical College Hospital. However, after 20 days of treatment, doctors declared that he would not be cured and discharged him. Hazarika went back home with his wife and together they set  to medidate   Mrityusanjeevani Krishnaguru Ek Naam. Along with other devotees, they started chanting Krishnaguru Ek Naam  and singing his praise with the utmost devotion day and night. Within 2 months, he started feeling better. He went back to GMC and got himself examined again. The tests reports indicated that both his kidneys has started functioning normally again. Now he leads a normal life but his faith in Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu increased manifold as it is his Guru’s blessings that cured him when medical science had failed.

Jagat Barua, a resident of Sibsagar, was working in the police department. One day, he had to go to Sibsagar from Dibrugarh on some urgent work. But, to his dismay, he found that there was no oil in the car. He, then, started chanting Sankatmochan Krishnaguru  Ek Naam  and prayed to Gurudev Prabhu .. Gurudev appeared in a vision and said, “Baba, do not worry, I will go with you. Just see to it that you don’t stop the car on the way.” Chanting “Jai Krishnaguru”, Barua started his journey and to his amazement saw that his Guru was flying in the air in front of his car guiding him along the way. On reaching his home, Krishnaguru disappeared. Yet again, Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu made sure his devotee reached his destination safely.

Runu Konwar is a married woman from Sipajhar in Mangaldoi  district. She was diagnosed with liver cancer and was taken to a Chennai hospital for treatment where doctors said the cancer was in the 3rd stage and advised her to go back home with  no chance of the disease getting cured now. They gave her just 1 month to live. Heart-broken relatives took her to Krishnaguru Sewashram   and begged Gurudev to save her life. By now, Mrs Konwar couldn’t stand on her own feet let alone walk.Paramguru Krishnaguru  Prabhu  gave her a white flower to eat and asked her to take chant the Krishnaguru Ek Naam . He then put his hand on her head. Immediately, the pain in her stomach subsided, she could stand up straight and even walk. Gurudev further said that everything depended on God and asked her to think of Him all the time. She was then asked to take a spoonful of juice of the black tulsi leaf daily for 1 week and then come again to the Sewashram. After following Gurudev’s advice, she got completely cured. An overjoyed Runu Barua is now actively involved in social work but doesn’t forget to thank Gurudev for giving her a new lease of life. Now, she has stepped into the 8th year of recovery.

American resident, Prasanta Das, an engineer by profession, was suffering from gout. He underwent treatment in America but in vain. He returned to India and accepted the Krishnaguru  Ek Naam faith. Crying inconsolably, he prayed to Gurudev to get rid of the intolerable pain and make him able to walk, sit and get up without any support. The ever-kind Gurudev put his hand on his disciple’s head and blessed him. Immediately, Das was able to stand up on his own and even walk. On his Guru’s advice, he took to chanting Krishnaguru’s  Ek Naam  and has since returned to America after complete recovery. But his visits to India has increased , as he  feels the need to come and  pay obeyance to Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu as often as time permits him .

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