Adiguru Sewa Divas

Adiguru Sewa divas

Assamese Version

Adiguru Sewa divas

Adiguru Sewa divas

English Version

At the very outset we offer our sincere oblation to Param Guru Krishanguru. We also bow to the devotees and all the parents present here.

In human life, the main purpose of the life is to devote God. Without devotion, no one can realise the life. The devotion provides human values to man. A person without devotion to God can not reach the desired goal and will float like a log on the Sea. To devote God, at the first step, one needs a Satguru. To draw a line, a point is required, like that for devotion to God, initiation from Satguru is required. By taking initiation from Satguru, the previous sins, ill-desires, ill-habits, etc are destroyed. Initiation means getting shelter. When initiation from Satguru is achieved, one can get rid of worldly troubles. By staying at the feet of Satguru, one can boldly face any sort of troubles. Sadguru is the incarnation of God. God is the life of the devotees. A person without devotion can not dream the existence of God. Devotees can achieve the blessings of God by Eknam bestowed by Sadguru. By devoting God, one moves away from the path of ignorance and darkness. By the grace of Sadguru, we can have an idea of our past, present and future existence.

There exist three gurus in human life. (i) First guru i.e our parents, (ii) Second guru i.e. our teachers, and (iii)Third guru who initiates. Among these three gurus, the first guru has more responsibilities. The mother carries for 10 months 10 days in her womb and also brings up the baby with utmost care. A baby learns the first word and action from the parents. At the initial stage the baby learns the sounds of the words from the parents. The knowledge of sound acquired by the baby from the parents is called SABDA BRAHMA ( The power of God in sound)

The future of child depends on the parents. The way the adopt the child, the child acquires that shape. The family life is known as GRIHASHRAM ( The hermitage in the family life). Mahaprabhu Krishnaguru has elaborated as to how the Grihashram should be maintained. Mahaprabhu Krishnaguru said,– to get a child with noble soul, the parents should prepare themselves from before the birth of the child. The child carries the thoughts and qualities what it receives from the parents at the time of conception. So Paramguru Krishnaguru Ishwar said–

After marriage this will be life of spouse,
Husband and wife will devote God in the house.
Husband is like the soul of the life,
Taking as Vishnu, wife will serve husband.
That wife willcertainly get good child.

From 12 years to 24 years of age, youth should follw Brahmacharya ( celibacy). As per the advice of Sadguru, youth should maintain Brahmacharya and should protect the body to get rid of diseases. After 24 years of age, as per the advice of Satguru one should enter into marital bond and should devote God. When the couple devoting God desire for a child, the child will be religious, healthy and courageous. After conception till the birth of the baby, the couple should discuss noble matters. The mother should always devote God and should read holy scripts relating to one God. After the birth of the baby, the parents should impart noble knowledge. The parents should not indulge in any such actions which may create negative impact on the child. The parents should not quarrel in front of the child. The parents should impart devotional training to the child from the very early stage. Then the child will be able to acquire good knowledge and becomer human being with human qualities.

If the parents be devotional, then only they will be able to impart this knowledge to their children. So parents should take initiation from Sadguru devote God.

The responsibility of the child towards the Adiguru i.e Parents is remarkable. With the grace of parents, the child can prosper in life. So parents should always be respected. The child should not disobey parents and should obey their advice. The child should bow and touch the feet of parents every day. The child should not indulge in any action which hurts the parents and should take care of them.

At the present time, the relationship between the child and the parents is not idle. The parents and the children have forgotten their responsibilites. Therefore, Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu has given much emphasis on this aspect. In order to provide spiritual knowledge along with the general education, Mahaprabhu Krishnaguru has established many school and colleges. Even Mahaprabhu engaged Himself in imparting spiritual knowledge to the students. Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu has established Krishnaguru International Youth Society, in order to give them an opportunity to acquire spiritual knowledge so that they become a successful parent in future. Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu has also established Krishnaguru International Women Society, in order to give them an opportunity to acquire spiritual knowledge so that they become a successful mother in future. The students are given spiritual lessons to know how to perform their duties towards parents. To make the relationship between children and parents ideal, Mahaprabhu Krishnaguru gave His Holy message to observe 25th October every year as ADIGURU SEWA DIVAS