Ideology- His Holiness Krishnaguru Prabhu Ishwar

Yuga after Yuga Param Purush assumes a physical body and show the right path to the bhakatas so that they do not go astray.   At the blessing of God man knows the SUGAM PATH since his ignorance, which is like darkness, is completely destroyed.   The journey of life is very much like the path of SADHANA [austere and ardous practice].  On this path physical ‘Guru’ is absolutely necessary.   There is no difference between GURU [with the physical body] and formless PARAMATMA.   Guru himself is MAHATATTA [the supreme knowledge].  Mapapurush comes yuga after yuga.   They are self experienced.   Each work spoken by him, each sentence uttered by each word spoken by him, each sentence uttered by him is deeper than the depath of the sea.   Therefore, their ‘BANI’S] [saying] are accepted from the lowest stage of formal education to the highest stage of formal education.   Guru is the TRUTH.   Only truth can create truth, since truth is eternal, their sayings are also eternal.

Although, NARAYAN PURUSH incarnates as a Sadguru, although he is in physical body, he is at the same time in form and also without form.   Many devotees see him at the same time and at various places.   Although the ‘Supreme Being’ is formless yet for the MUKTI of Bhaktas, he assumes a human form and appears on the earth.   Only a GURU can make his bhaktas realise that there is no difference between a SADGURU and the formless SUPREME SPIRIT.   It is he again who can show to a bhakta how guru and God are inseparable.

According to Param Premamai Krishnagun the primary duty of all human beings is to seek initiation from a SADGURU.   If there is no initiation, the path leading to MUKTI will remain closed forever.   God has endowed human beings, the highest creation of God, with the power of speech.   As such, it is incumbent on him to give wide publicity of the virtues of God apart from singing his praise.

Guru Vakya should be obeyed with utmost sincerity.  Because GURU is therein Vakya.   All works are fulfilled with utmost satisfaction when Guru Vakya is carried out with firm faith and deep respect.

PARAM PURUSH is at the root of the spiritual development of man.  He is the only spiritual body in the entire universe.   Spiritual saguru is necessary for the fuller development of the soul.   This explains why Bagawanta assumes a human form as a SADGURU among mankind.   God is the father of spiritual knowledge which is incomparable, infinite and invincible.   On attainment of their knowledge full development of MANAV JIVA takes place.   Sadguru bestows upon man the qualities that qualifies him to be a REAL MAN.  It’s Sadguru which awakens in man the human values namely, LOVE, KINDNESS, FORGIVENESS, COMPASSION, HONESTY, RIGHTEOUSNESS and NON-VIOLENCE with such godly qualities man is elevated.

Although we are a part of ISWARA we are always liable to be attacked by GUNA [propery, nature – SATTA, RAJHA, TAMAHA – three qualities of PRAKRITI] and RIPU [six evil properties of mind namely KAM, KRODH, LOBH, MOH, MAD, KATCHARYYA].  Man is prone to do a lot of mischief being under the influence of GUNA-RIPU.   God incarnates as a SADGURU to rescue JIVAS [the living beings].   The essence of human life is BHAKTI [devotion to Go] almighty.  The cycle of birth and rebirth is snapped once for all when one has BHAKTI mixed with love.   God is always with them who worship God with deep devotion.   God incarnates as a human being and rescues ‘Mankind’ by bestowing pure knowledge on them.  Man being a part of divinity should work for welfare of mankind and all other created beings.   They should follow ‘NIBRITTI PATH’ [path which leads to disinterest in the pleasures of the senses] remaining indifferent to wealth as well as MUKTI.  Bhaktas pursuing ‘NIBRITTI PATH’ [path which leads to disinterest in the pleasures of the senses] remaining indifferent to wealth as well as MUKTI.   Bhaktas pursuing ‘NIBRITTI PATH’ preach divine powers of NAMA among mankind.   Such bhaktas are every ready to sacrifice their lives for the good of mankind.   God bestows his kindness on such bhaktas because when we work for the well being of others righteous feeling, come crowding upon us.

According to KRISHNAGURU MAHAPRABHU ‘ANANDA’ is a thing of inner world of mind.   It’s futile to seek for it outside.   This ‘ANANDA’ originates from the physical body, the temporary ANANDA derived from the material world make people prematurely weak, physically handicapped and unhappy when the ‘BHAKTIPREM’ is sustained by surrendering at the feet of BHAGAWANTA PURUSH, one can experience the real and permanent ANANDA.   The surrender of God is by way of EKNAM JAP befitting to the time and also by KIRTAN [the act of singing the in praise of God].  NAMJAP awakens the ATMA.  ATMA becomes CAHITANYA.

Man experiences ANANDA from sacrifice.   Sacrifice leads to peace.   On the other hand, service to JIVA is service to God.   If a man is whole heartedly engaged in the welfare of all living beings, it would amount to sacrifice.   Great joy [MAHA ANANDA] is experienced by these bhaktas who look upon ABATARI PURUSH as BRAHMA HIMSELF.  Moreover, MUKTI is possible if initiation takes place at the feet of SADGURU.   CHAITANYA GURU [the Guru who awakens] is known as SADGURU, who is an incarnation of God, the Supreme spirit.  Initiation at the feet of such a GURU will enable a bhakta to escape MAYA of SANSARA.  BHAKTI, the greatest wealth can be earned only when a bhakta dedicates himself to the SEWA of GURUISWARA, GURU SENA is implicit faith in GURU VAKYA.

To abide by the ideals of ABATAR PURUSH amounts to ISWAR SENA [Service to God].   One should be kind to all living beings because ISWAR stays as ATMA in ht body of all living beings, self less service for the good of others amounts to service to God which ultimately leads to MOKSHA.

Brahma does not have any definite shape.   Brahma incarnates as SADGURU to perform ‘MANAB LILA’.   Sadguru always protect them who chant ‘NAMA’ day in and day out.   One should know that divine powers of ‘KRISHNAGURU NAM’ are ‘ACHINTYA’ and infinite.   Brahma assumes a human form and as an ordinary mortel sets an example for all to follow.   He gives the right direction to people who go astray,.   For this a  SADGURU ensures that such people are drawn towards KRISHNAGURU BHAKTI.  The chief duty of human being [which is the highest creation of God] is to find a Sadguru and seek initiation from him.

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