Advice to Grief Stricken People

In this material world, we experience both happiness and miseries. Happiness and distress are concomitant factors of material life and all sufferings are due to bodily conception of life. We don’t have perfect knowledge of this material world. Therefore, for the benefit of mankind, Paramguru Krishnaguru Ishwar has delivered on us the transcendental knowledge of soul and super-soul. If one  is able to comprehend and appreciate that very same knowledge then one would be able to unearth the mysteries of distress and happiness. thereby enabling oneself to maintain and sustain an equipoise peaceful life. Thus keeping this objective in view, Paramguru Krishnaguru Ishwar has bestowed on us as follows –

“Man is mortal. The world is like a stage and all living entities are the actors who play their roles for a certain period of time and depart as directed by the Director – The Supreme Almighty. This enactment carries on for eternity and infinitely. In this material world, the living entities have to suffer and enjoy based upon their own karma or fruitive activities. In fact, one has to be inquisitive to discover and understand the source and root of happiness and sorrows. If people start to think, keeping the factor of Karma in mind they will be able to get  true in-depth knowledge of Atmaan and Paramatmaan (Soul and Super-Soul). This knowledge of Atmaan and Paramatmaan in turn, leads into the path of spiritual knowledge. However, unless one takes shelter  of a bona fide spiritual master, one cannot  unearth the mystery of happiness and sorrows. Without initiation from a living Sadguru  – omnipresent beholder of eternal truth), it is quite impossible to attain spiritual knowledge. There is no other alternative besides Sadguru. Self realization dawns only when one follows the preaching and instructions of one’s Sadguru. There are several such examples we find available in the Shrimadbhagawat. For the well being of all, please be attentive to me and I will give you  more information on spiritual wisdom.”

“Every home in this material world has experienced death and the passing away. There is no such family in this world where death has not  visited. No one can escape from the clutch of death.  This is the law and rule of the Creator. Then why do you break down at the demise of a near and dear one? So, why are you lamenting at the passing away of your near and dear one? The inevitable has occurred. There is no escape route from this inevitable law. No one can be sure of his life tenure. Like the strike of lightning, even death occurs in a flash and can strike anywhere and at any moment. When the soul leaves the body, the body becomes lifeless and motionless. The body is destructible and constituted by the five material elements, which assimilate back into its original form. But the soul is immortal and remains unchanged. In true sense you are not a body; you are a spiritual being trapped in the body. In fact, you survive by the shelter of the soul. The body without soul is meaningless and has no existence. The soul is eternal but the body is transient. So why are you grieving for the transient body?

“In this material world, life is transient and in true sense,  we do not actually have any permanent identity. In this transient life there is no permanency between any relations. Even a close relation like father and son or mother and daughter.  Not having any true knowledge in this regard, you all feel aggrieved when a dear and near one passes away.”

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