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Krishnaguru Ishwar: A True Visionary

-An experience Shared by: Bimal Kumar Hazarika

It was in the nineties. I had a sudden urge to meet a Guru for initiation. I had my own ideas of a Guru – He must be liberal, he must be generous, he must work relentlessly to bring about a society where there will be no class and caste distinction, where all will be looked upon as equals, and where all will join hands together to usher in a brave new world.
Gurus are many, but where do I find a Guru who will put to rest all my doubts, and open up the mysteries that lie hidden in the manifest world?
As if my prayer was answered – Girija Prasad Das, a colleague, who is now no more, happened to mention about Krishnaguru, who hailed from a tiny village called Nasatra in the Barpeta district of Assam.

I expressed my desire to meet him. Girija Das readily agreed. Accordingly soon after, one day we set out. My wife and two children also accompanied us. I was excited, and so was my wife.

After about a three hour journey from Guwahati, we arrived at the precincts of the Krishnaguru Sewashram in Nasatra. The breath taking serene beauty of the Ashram had some kind of an impact.

The vehicle suddenly stopped. And we could see a tall, white-clad person approaching in the distance.

Girija Das got off and went straight in the direction of this person, who, I then realised was Gurudeva.

With long strides Gurudeva was walking towards the ‘Saran Griha’ in the Ashram. ‘Saran Griha’ is the premise where initiation is done.

The towering personality of Gurudeva had spontaneously drawn me towards him. But I did not go forward. I stood motionless and looked at him with (probably) wonder in my eyes.

Girija Prasad Das fell prostrate in front of Krishnaguru Gurudeva, who with a benign smile, welcomed him. Gurudeva smiled at me too. I hesitantly moved forward and raised my hands as if to greet him with a Namaskar (salutation).

“Baba, (term of endearment for male disciples) do come to my Saran Griha.” Saying thus, he entered the Saran Griha. Girija Prasad Das, my family members and I silently followed Gurudeva.

We had a long discussion and interaction with Gurudeva. Other male and female bhaktas were also there in the Saran Griha. Many of them told about their miseries and sought Gurudeva’s blessings. Gurudeva touched their forehead when they bowed before him and said, “Perform ‘Naamjap’ (meditation and singing the praise of God) daily with utmost devotion and you will get the desired result.”

One by one, the bhaktas came forward and sought Gurudeva’s blessings and left the Saran Griha. At last there was none except Girija Prasad Das, myself and my family.

Wearing a disarming smile Gurudeva looked at me and said, “Something has been agitating your mind, son? Do speak up.”

I was surprised. How come Gurudeva knew that thoughts had been crowding upon me?

I felt a change stirring within me. I bowed before Gurudeva and shared how I was in search of a Guru.

Gurudeva, with a beatific smile, said, “It is easy to get a Guru, but difficult to come by a Sadguru.”

“By the by, who is a Sadguru? And how is he different from other Gurus?” with folded hands I requested Gurudeva to explain.

Gurudeva said, “Baba, a Sadguru, after your initiation, takes all responsibility for your past, your present and your future. Other Gurus only give initiation, but do not take the responsibility of their Bhaktas. A match box contains match sticks, but until and unless there is any friction, the power latent in the match sticks remain unknown. The person who ignites the match sticks is the Sadguru. It’s Sadguru who kindles ‘the fire within’. This FIRE is the force which makes a Bhakta wise, polite, intelligent, and brave. Baba, we are Krishnadas Atmaans – souls which are at the service of God, the supreme power. When such realisation dawns on you, your transformation is complete. You can achieve universal brotherhood and world peace with such sublime thoughts.”

Gurudeva, with these words, looked at me.

“Can such realisation take place without my initiation into any faith?” I asked again.

Gurudeva saw through my mind and said, “Only Guru can make you realise the absolute truth, the meaning of your existence in this manifest world. The ‘Nama’ which a Sadguru bestows upon a Bhakta is the panacea for all ills. It broadens your mind and allows you to feel how duty bound you are to mankind and all the manifested beings in this world. The more this thought sinks in you, the more the contentment, the Supreme Bliss you experience in this world. I have envisioned a world where youth power will herald a new era of peace, happiness and prosperity, where women will become self dependant, and a sheer will force will develop amongst peoples of this world to steer clear of all adversities of life. I am setting up educational institutions on the model of the Gurukul System, and ‘products’ of such institutions will face the brave new world with vigour and determination.”

That was my first interaction with Krishnaguru Gurudeva.

Now in the second decade of the 21st century, I have realised how prophetic were Gurudeva’s utterances. Krishnaguru Sewashram is now known the world over. Millions of devotees are drawn towards Gurudeva, who has given to them, a new meaning of life. The youth power and women force who look upon Krishnaguru Prabhu as God in human form, are vibrant with activities. It is now certain that the new world (Satya Yuga) which Gurudeva talks about is not far…

Jai Krishnaguru!

Prashanta Das Sharing his Experiences

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