Krishnaguru College of Arts&Commerce

Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya (Krishnaguru College of Arts&Commerce)  is a novel and inspirational educational institution which strives for a holistic development of the students enriching both their mind and soul. There is a relentless effort by the teachers to well equip the pupils with not just the transcendent wisdom but also make them excel in the secular spirit and education and academics. The syllabus is well crafted out with careful thought to build a balanced curriculum blending the mundane with the spiritual.

Education is an experience, a lifelong engagement. Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya sets to make this a rewarding experience and set up strong bastion for the future. The culture of the mind and soul guarantees to build a strong and a healthy personality.

The college, by far, has been producing students who in the wider environment have been able to leave a mark. Their strength lie in not just getting sound academic knowledge but spiritual wisdom instilled in the student, which proves to be path breaking. The stable, composed, peace loving nature emphasized in the Mahavidyalaya serves as armor to shield from the disturbances and violence of the larger society.

With the youth getting easily lured by the virtual and the overt simulation, complete education imparted at Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya help students to stay grounded and judge the real from the facade.

Krishnaguru Mahavidyalaya is an ambitious project which by the blessings of  Paramguru Krishnaguru Iswar has been successfully able to deliver acknowledging the true meaning of education to evolve a complete sensible rational compassionate spiritual man.