Glimpse of Sewashram

Mahaprabhu KRISHNAGURU establishes Krishnaguru Sewashram, Nasatra at Nasatra in Barpeta District of Assam. In the midst of green fields all around, under the blue sky, beautiful Ashram is made with big Kirtanghar (Prayer Hall), Krishnadham (Abode of Krishna), Bhajghar (Bend House), Manikut (Central Enclosure) and Baikuntha Dham, Gurudham etc. Subarnakur (The Golden Pond) is the place adorned with Cave Temple and Gurudham, where Mahaprabhu KRISHNAGURU had the meditation. The beautiful Alakaganga near Baikunthadham and the sceneric water flow near Golokdham attract the attention of peace lovers.

The beautiful compound of Krishnaguru Bidyajyoti and Krishnaguru Bayansilpa are near the area of the Ashram. Krishnaguru Mahabidyalaya is in the approach of the Ashram. Ashram is the place where incessant flow of breeze of peace blows. One will like to stay in the Ashram for time to come with sublime peace.

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