1. We are neither race nor relatives, nor community, neither are we inert. We are only souls, servants of Krishna.
2. Do not seek anything in return of any service
3. Pay no heed to either service or slander
4. Say the prayer solemnly paying no heed to vulgar talks
5. Do not accept anything given with a show of devotion but with an axe to grind
6. Seek no gift from anyone with motives inherent
7. Serve your soul with faith in daily devotional works
8. Devote God being indifferent to either respect or insult
9. To speak ill is sin; sin invites trouble
10. Cleanse your impure mind by chanting KRISHNA-NAAM
11. Feed the starving without despising him
12. Attain your goal ignoring happiness and sorrow
13. Love of soul is the key to world peace
14. We reach God only through devotion, not through food & clothing
15. Impart spiritual knowledge along with the school education
16. Spiritual knowledge makes a man self restrained and sustains longevity
17. Spiritualism binds men together as one entity
18. Feeling of oneness of soul is the foundation of World Peace
19. Those who revile Dharma, Nam, Bhakta and propagates falsehood defile the air. Defiled air gathers momentum in the society. Inhaling the same people become ignorant and bring about harm to the world. Revolution brews up. Majority of the people disrupt peace by getting involved in evil deeds. I give my blessing – Let good sense dawn on them.
20. Avoid telling lies. It causes terror
Paramguru Krishnaguru Ishwar Bani-Assamese Version[PDF] Paramguru Krishnaguru Ishwar Bani-Hindi Version[PDF]

Light of the World

Krishnaguru Light Of the World

Param Brahma Krishna has incarnated as Krishnaguru in this fag end of Kaliyuga. This is the Kalki incarnation Krishna to annihilate the odds and to protect virtuous.

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Paramguru Krishnaguru Ishwar Amrit Bani

Amrit Bani

Paramguru Krishnaguru Ishwars’ amrit bani

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Krishnaguru Educational Initiative

Krishnaguru Educational InitiativeParamguru Krishnaguru Ishwar has taken various initiatives for universal peace and harmony towards developing an enlightened society. One of His novel initiative is the Krishnaguru Foundation which has under its wing, various Educational Institutions.

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Krishnaguru Social Initiative

Krishnaguru Social Initiative

Paramguru Krishnaguru Ishwar has taken various initiatives for universal peace and harmony towards developing an enlightened society.

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Krishnaguru Sewashram-Nasatra

Krishnaguru Sewashram Nasatra

Krishnaguru Sewashram, Nasatra, is a 500 year old satra. A Satra is a Vaishnavite Monastery, an institutional center that is unique and special to the Ekasarana tradition.

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Krishnaguru Publications

Krishnaguru Publications

Religious teachings of Paramguru Krishnaguru Ishwar are compiled on a regular basis and the same are published in book form periodically.

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Bhakat Milan, February 2016- Jai Krishnaguru – Part 1

Bhakat Milan, February 2023

Krishnaguru Vidyajyoti-Student

A Student at Krishnaguru Vidyajyoti share her experience

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As per dictum of Krishnaguru Ishwara, universal peace mission programmes, such as imparting of spiritual knowledge, chanting Krishnaguru, recitation and elucidation of Srimadbhagawata saar, prayers to Krishnaguru, philanthropic activities, meditation, spiritual discourses, non-stop prayers etc are organised every year at Krishnaguru Sewashram, Nasatra. The above photograph depicts a view of 168 hour long Krishnaguru Eknaam Akhanda Kirtan (non-stop chanting Krishnaguru) for universal peace held at the 18000 sq. ft area Kirtanghar (prayer house) at Krishnaguru Sewashram, Nasatra recently. A large number of devotees from India and abroad irrespective of caste, creed, religion joined the peace mission programme .one will be able to attain peace both physically and mentally by chanting Krishnaguru, if the surrendered one has faith, devotion and takes initiation at Krishnaguru.

Jai Krishnaguru.

Bhakat Milan, February 2016- Jai Krishnaguru – Part 2

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