Weeklong/Monthlong Krishnaguru Akhanda Kritan

Every year weeklong Krishnaguru Akhanda Eknam Kirtan is held for world peace at Krishnaguru Sewashram. During this week, Akhanda Kirtan, nonstop Namjap, reading of Madbhagawat Sar and Krishnaguru Eknam Kirtan are performed. Apart from that, every afternoon religious discourses are held and in-the evenings, cultural programs are arranged. The most important part of this weeklong Krishnaguru Eknam Akhanda Kirtan is that, on the first day at morning hour (6 AM), Paramguru Krishnaguru Iswar himself places Srimadbhagawatsar on the thapana and on the concluding day, Paramguru Krishnaguru gives ‘ASHIRVACHAN’ meant for all the bhaktas and also for world peace.

Lakhs of devotees and visitors throng the ashram and participate in this Krishnaguru Eknam Akhanda Kirtan making their lives worth living.

After every 12 years, this Akhanda Kirtan is held for a month.

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