Message of His Holiness


  • We are neither race nor relatives, nor community, neither are we inert. We are only souls, servants of Krishna.
  • Do not seek anything in return of any service
  • Pay no heed to either service or slander
  • Say the prayer solemnly paying no heed to vulgar talks
  • Do not accept anything given with a show of devotion but with an axe to grind
  • Seek no gift from anyone with motives inherent
  • Serve your soul with faith in daily devotional works
  • Devote God being indifferent to either respect or insult
  • To speak ill is sin; sin invites trouble
  • Cleanse your impure mind by chanting KRISHNA-NAM.
  • Feed the starving without despising him
  • Attain your goal ignoring happiness and sorrow
  • Love of soul is the key to world peace
  • We reach God only through devotion, not through food & clothing.
  • Impart spiritual knowledge along with the school education
  • Spiritual knowledge makes a man self restrained and sustains longevity
  • Spiritualism binds men together as one entity
  • Feeling of oneness of soul is the foundation of World Peace
  • Avoid lying, it creates terror

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