Krishnaguru Sewashram Foundation Day

Paramguru Krishnaguru Iswar founded Krishnaguru Sewashram in the Ras Purnima thithi in the year 1974. The objective is to establish world peace. Thapana with ‘KRISHNAGURU NAMBIJ’ was installed on the aforesaid tithi in 1974. When the Sewashram was set up, it was within an area of 3 khatas. But now, with 350 bighas of land, surrounded by Maths, Kirtanghar and various institutions, Krishnaguru Sewashram is a unique institution in the world. Foundation day of Krishnaguru Sewashram is celebrated all over the world in Sakha Sewashrams and in Krishnaguru Sewashram with various programmes.

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