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    Religious teachings of Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu are compiled on a regular basis and the same are published in book form periodically. All His teachings are first published in Assamese and subsequently translated and then published in English, Hindi, Bengali, Bodo, Mishing, etc. Readers of these books have experienced enlightenment in the divine message of Paramguru Krishnaguru Prabhu. Readers have benefited immensely from this huge resource of publications, and there are numerous accounts of readers achieving mental peace and experiencing calmness with several instances of miraculous cures of dreadful diseases.

    There are many books and booklets of Krishnaguru Publications. Some of them are listed below:

    • Krishnaguru Tattva Swar
    • Shrimad Bhagawat Swar
    • Krishnaguru Leela Mala
    • Naamamrit
    • Yuva Mangal (English & Assamese)
    • Manav Mangal (English & Assamese)
    • Jeevan Jyoti (English & Assamese)
    • Krishnaguru Mahatmo Kathan
    • Imaginary gods & godnesses (Assamese , Hindi , Bodo & English)
    • Krishnaguru Rahasya Tattva (English & Assamese)
    • Krishnaguru Tattva Katha
    • Guru Varta (English & Assamese )
    • Krishnaguru Prakhasti
    • Amar Hridayar Krishnaguru
    • Dharma Siromani Asom
    • Krishnaguru Darshan
    • Vivah Paddhati
    • Guru Kripamoi
    • Krishnaguru Stuti


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